The Children’s Nature Retreat welcomes visitors of all ages, allowing everyone to enjoy and explore the beautiful and tranquil surroundings at their leisure. This magical and serene ranch-style retreat, with its 20-acres of terrain, is a safe haven to over 100 domesticated livestock from around the world. The retreat is specifically designed to help children develop a sense of wonder for nature and its inhabitants through unstructured exploration and learning. Fun and educational `interactive presentations’ are available for everyone to learn and foster an appreciation for animals, nature, sustainable farming and the ecosystem.

Our Vision

The goal of the Children’s Nature Retreat is to give all children access to animals, nature and the environment. Our children are losing touch with nature in our increasingly digital-dependent and urbanized world. With this in mind, we believe the experience at the Children’s Nature Retreat will have a profound and positive impact on children, often reducing stress levels while offering a sense of connection to the earth.

At the heart of the retreat are our beloved animals. With over 100 domesticated livestock from around the world, you will discover 17 species and 38 different breeds. Many of our animals have been acquired from owners who can no longer keep or care for them, while some have been rescued from extremely harsh living conditions. These magnificent creatures will now live out the rest of their lives in the serenity of the retreat to be very well taken care of and loved.

We are equally as passionate about bringing children and animals together, offering pure unfiltered happiness and joy for both animal and child. To create a fun and teachable environment there are separate areas where the animals reside, reflecting different worlds in the animal kingdom. Children have an opportunity to see these great animals up-close as they roam in their habitat.